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It has been proven that our surrounding environment has a profound affect on our mood and as a result it has the ability to empower, inspire, uplift, energize or subdue us.

SOULIER DESIGN STUDIO realizes that gaining a clear understanding of each clients specific needs is the key to every successful project.  This is PARAMOUNT. 

We utilize the following process to ensure that the end result will be a comfortable, inviting, and stylish space that our clients will really enjoy living in.


The initial phone consultation involves asking our clients questions about their space, needs, style, schedule, and budget.  We also offer information about our pricing and scheduling approaches. Our conversation helps us determine if we are the right fit for working together. If so, we schedule an on-site meeting.


For the DIY Client - Consultation Only (2 Hours)

You are a client that will be completing the project yourself but require some professional advice.  Our decorating service focuses on your existing space, dealing with surface decoration not the structural elements.

The consultation involves a needs analysis (likes/dislikes) and a discussion with you to fully understand the scope of the project as well as your personal plans and ideas. This is followed by a walk through of the spaces in need of attention. We offer advice on paint selection, window treatments and furniture layout as well as accessorizing and styling.  This will give you the knowledge you need to take your ideas to the next level, however, if you decide to hire SOULIER DESIGN STUDIO to complete your project,


the process continues as follows.......


During this meeting at your home, office or cottage, we start with an in-depth interview to learn more about the project. We discuss style preferences, space requirements, budget and schedule requirements, and more.  Photographs and measurements are taken.  Typically, a standard services agreement for working together is signed. Alternatively, if the project requires a larger or more complex scope, we send a proposed agreement after the meeting. This agreement describes the services we will provide as part of the project, how we will work together, and billing and scheduling information. Once the agreement has been signed we begin the exciting journey of creating your dream space!!! 


After reviewing the measurements, pictures, and information learned in our interview, we research and explore different design directions for the space as detailed below.


Involves arranging all of the items in your room so that it works in the way you need it to. 
- Is there easy access to storage? 
- Does traffic move easily through the space?  
- Are the seating arrangements comfortable and functional for conversations, watching TV or reading a book?
The first step to a well-designed space is carefully considered space planning. Without it even the most beautiful rooms can feel cluttered, cramped and uncomfortable. When a project requires space planning or new furniture we present our ideas through a detailed floor plan as well as recommendations for color palette, furnishings, fabrics, lighting, built-in fixtures, flooring, accessories, and other materials. At this stage, we may also develop perspective or 3-D drawings of the space and/or elevation drawings that show what each key area of the room would look like. We will also gather product samples and pictures. If the project calls for changes in the room’s lighting we will do a reflected ceiling plan as well.


These are vertical drawings that show the details of a particular wall, piece of furniture or window treatment. We will produce these drawings to show specific details of the design.


The largest surface area of any element in your space is the walls and they play a key role in the design of the room. Walls can be turned into dramatic focal points, rich textural surfaces, or they can act as neutral backgrounds to highlight your furnishings and artwork.


We will work with you to choose finishes and materials for the various rooms in your home including backsplashes, countertops and fixtures to millwork, hardware, flooring, and finishes.  


When it comes to style, the furniture and fabrics really make a statement. The right pieces create the look you want, and also function to meet your needs. For example if you have pets and or children you require fabrics that are durable. If you entertain often you might require a lot more seating. Whatever your style and however you use your space, choosing the right pieces is what makes your room feel like home.


Pulling a design plan together involves sourcing all of the materials, furniture and accessories that will go into a space, and we take care of it all for our client. We will source all the pieces, present various options, guide you through the decision-making process, and then co-ordinate all the purchasing and deliveries.


Whether you prefer blinds or complex draperies, the window treatments will complete the look of the room. Whatever you choose we will ensure that we find something that is beautiful and meets your requirements for light control and privacy.


The proper lighting plan and well-chosen accessories can really give your space the wow factor that you your see in all the interior design magazines. We will help you to choose unique and interesting  pieces that will reflect your decorating style.


During an in-person meeting, we review our design concepts, drawings, and product samples. We then discuss the overall budget for all materials and furnishings and determine if any design refinements need to be made at this time. We may also agree to schedule a time to see some of the products and furnishings in person at local stores or showrooms.


Once all the decisions, product requirements, and the budget have been finalized and approved by the client we draft the necessary paperwork to order or purchase all products and furnishings to complete the planned design. We will also track all shipments to ensure on-time delivery and receipt of the correct merchandise. Throughout this process we keep our clients informed of our progress.


Most projects will require the assistance of trades people; painters, contractors, electricians, plumbers, upholsterers, and other skilled specialists. If you prefer, we can hire and manage the tradesmen directly so you never have to worry about leaving instructions or scheduling. SOULIER DESIGN STUDIO oversees their work to ensure that our design plan is implemented correctly. Throughout this process you will be kept up to date on our progress and any impact on the schedule and budget. 


Prior to the final reveal, we ensure that all furnishings, accessories, and materials are installed correctly and that the room is tidy, clean and ready for its unveiling. SOULIER DESIGN STUDIO also provides any product documentation and information on maintenance.